Ozark IC was founded in 2011 by Matt Francis and experts in design techniques, modeling and design tools for integrated circuits and systems on chip for extreme environments.  We provide best in class solutions for each problem we tackle.  While our focus is on extreme environment electronics, our broader vision is to map your need to one of our novel technologies.  We've successfully applied this methodology to problems ranging from custom rad-hard space-borne communications chips to customer-facing design portals for unconventional circuit components.  If you feel like your problem is not easily solved by mainstream technologies, please talk to us.

Our Approach

We believe strongly in top-down, model-based design.  This means spending the time up front to understand a) what the problem is (specification) and b) what technology or technologies best fit the problem in terms of function, form factor and cost.  In already complicated integrated circuits, adding the complications of wide-temperature, radiation, stress, strain, etc. that extreme environments require demands that you manage complexity through modeling, tooling and rigorous analysis - this is our specialty.

Our Team


A. Matt Francis
Founder, President & CEO

Silke Spiesshoefer
Chief Operations Officer

Jim Holmes
IC Technologist

Ian Getreu
Director, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships


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700 W. Research Center Blvd.

Suite 1403

Fayetteville, AR 72701