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Advanced Packaging and Integration

Need a system that can operate at very high temperature? You will need more than "just a board." Our team of specialists can create custom ceramic multi-chip/heterogenous integrated systems using proven packaging, die attach, wire bond and substrate material. We can help you pick a stack that will support your system and offer prototype packages in reasonable volumes with quick turnarounds.

Sensor Technology

Our robust electronics enable data acquisition and closed loop control in places that normal electronics can't survive.

Integrated Circuits

We have the expertise in analog, digital, and mixed signal design to solve your integrated circuit problems. We can work with you to develop a specification, identify a manufacturing process, and develop everything from a single circuit or layout to a complete ASIC.

  • Full custom ASIC design
  • Physical design
  • Pad frame generation


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Our XNodes are single board computers designed to operate in any condition. They can be quickly combined and customized to address the needs of many markets and applications, from acquisition to actuation and closed-loop control;  all with robust communications.

Industry Applications

We bring the Internet of Things to everywhere it isn't by providing a complete solution on a standardized platform. We utilize additive manufacturing, rapid customization, and our ceramic based integration approach to create modules that are small, light, and cost effective for:

  • Jet Engine Control
  • Geothermal Wells
  • Space Exploration