Silicon/Silicon on Insulator

Ozark IC utilizes Silicon and Silicon on Insulator technologies to meet your high temperature operation needs – temperatures of 300oC or more are possible through selection of unique technologies and custom design

  • Best digital/analog/digital design expertise in rugged environments
  • Full digital synthesis support
  • Designs operable from -180 to 350oC

Silicon Carbide JFET-R

Ozark IC designs the highest temperature integrated circuits in the world using Silicon Carbide JFET-R technology.

  • Take measurements in-situ at incredible temperatures, up to 600°C
  • Ozark IC has the best JFET models and digital/analog/mixed-signal design expertise
  • Designs from -180°C to 600°C
  • Proven specification-driven design approach for 1st pass success
  • More than design - complete design solutions from chip to board, module, assembly, packaging and test