XNodeTM UV-100

Ozark IC's patented Ultra Violet Sensors can operate up to 500°C, have the highest sensitivity and can be integrated into monolithic IC solutions.

  • Works from -200°C to 500°C
  • Inherently visible- and IR- blind, so no back-side thinning or filtering required = low fabrication cost
  • ~150nm to 400nm with peak sensitivity at 285nm
  • Immune to UV degradation
  • CMOS allows creation of a pixel for imaging & spectroscopy

"Ozark IC's ability to cost-effectively design and implement robust electronic systems for the extremes of space enables a wider array of entities to successfully enter the space market. Ozark IC enables non-traditional space-faring entities to successfully contribute to the LEO economy, which will undoubtedly bring a significant amount of innovation and growth." -Mark Shumbera, Director of Business Development at Alpha Space

Custom Sensor Interfaces

Ozark IC can embed your custom sensor, or sensors, available from many of our partners and vendors, to meet your system needs. Standard and custom sensor interfaces can be quickly integrated using our “Quick Turn” services, and embedded in your final product quickly and efficiently (Advanced Packaging)