XNodeTM UV-100

Ozark IC's patented Ultra Violet Sensors can operate up to 500°C, have the highest sensitivity and can be integrated into monolithic IC solutions.

  • Works from -200°C to 500°C
  • Inherently visible- and IR- blind, so no back-side thinning or filtering required = low fabrication cost
  • ~150nm to 400nm with peak sensitivity at 285nm
  • Immune to UV degradation
  • CMOS allows creation of a pixel for imaging & spectroscopy

"Ozark IC's ability to cost-effectively design and implement robust electronic systems for the extremes of space enables a wider array of entities to successfully enter the space market. Ozark IC enables non-traditional space-faring entities to successfully contribute to the LEO economy, which will undoubtedly bring a significant amount of innovation and growth." -Mark Shumbera, Director of Business Development at Alpha Space