Do you need electronics that can operate at extreme temperature? High vibration? with high performance processing?


Here at Ozark IC, we are the rugged circuit specialists, providing solutions spanning aerospace, energy, industrial and space applications.

Browse our products and technologies to see how our XNode(R) rugged computing platforms can help solve the hardest problems on and off Earth.

Ozark IC's XNodeTM UV-100 at work on the International Space Station!
Enabling Real-Time System Monitoring and Data Collection with Integrated Analysis Capability
Ozark IC Quick Turn Additive Prototyping Featured in Advancing Microelectronics Magazine
Developing a new sensor, component, or system is complicated. While modeling and simulation inform your design, there is no substitute
Ozark IC Team wins DARPA HOTS Award to Develop a High-Speed, High-Temperature Sensor System

A 6-member team, led by Ozark IC, has been selected for a DARPA HOTS award to develop an 800ºC electronic pressure sensing
Ozark IC at CERAWeek
The Energy Venture Day and Pitch Competition co-hosted by Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship, Houston Energy Transition Initiative (HETI), and TEX-E is an exciting, fast-paced event
Ozark IC at DARPA Disruptors Summit
Ozark IC is excited to be selected to participate in the DARPA Disruptors Summit and Showcase at this year's Defense TechConnect Summit, Nov 28 and 29 in Washington, DC. Come by and
Ozark IC at WiPDA US
CEO Matt Francis looks forward to presenting at a dynamic IEEE WiPDA US 2023 workshop representing Ozark Integrated Circuits, Inc. #Widebandgap continues to make strides in power for greening our