Our Services

Mapping Technology to Need

Have an application and don't know where to start? Give us an idea of electrical, temperature, power and cost needs and we can help you identify a solution that will meet your needs. From simulation studies and ASIC specifications to full-blown custom ICs, we can help you navigate the myriad of choices that have to be made at the system, component and IC levels.

Design Techniques and Models

Extreme environments require extreme tools. Off-the-shelf EDA won't cut it when you're pushing the limits. We have developed new models, design rules and customized design tools to support rugged design activities.

  • Behavioral (system) models
  • Device characterization (temperature, radiation, etc)
  • Desktop, Server and Web-facing design and analysis tools

Advanced Packaging

Need a unique package? Not sure what package, die attach, wire bond or board material to use? We can help you pick a stack that will support your system and offer prototype packages in reasonable volumes with quick turns.

Analog, Digital, Mixed-Signal Design

We have the expertise in analog, digital, mixed-signal design to solve your integrated circuit problems. We can work with you to develop a specification, identify a manufacturing process, and develop anything from a single circuit or layout to a complete ASIC.

  • Full custom ASIC design
  • Physical design
  • Pad frame generation

Extreme Environment Testing

A ruggedized circuit has to work far beyond powerup on the bench. We can help you qualify your component for wide temperature operation (pre- and post-packaging). Thermal cycling, thermal shock, and wide temperature characterization are just some of the extreme environment capabilities we can offer. Need a unique automated test configuration? We can help with custom drivers, hardware and software to solve your extreme environment testing needs.

Libraries, IP, PDKs

We've developed extensive analog, digital and mixed-signal gate libraries that can support rapid design composition. We can also use our hardened IC know-how to produce a library to support your IC needs.

  • Logic libraries/Gate libraries
  • Custom IP development (amplifiers, references, data converters - you name it)
  • Custom Process Design Kits (PDKs)
    • Extend an existing process for extreme environments
    • Develop an entirely new process