SiC under pressure – best of session at IMAPS 2017

Dr. Matthew Barlow, Ozark IC Senior Engineer, was selected as “Best in Session” for his paper, “Operation of Silicon Carbide Integrated Circuits under
High Temperature and Pressure.”  Congrats Matt!

Silicon carbide integrated circuits have demonstrated the ability to function at temperatures as high as 600 ℃ for extended periods of time. Many environments where high temperature in-situ electronics are desired also have large pressures as well. While some validation has been done for high pressure environments, limited information on the parametric impact of pressure on SiC integrated circuits is available. This paper takes two leading-edge SiC integrated circuit processes using two different classes of devices (JFET and CMOS), and measures the performance through temperature and pressure variation. Circuit functionality was verified at high temperature (475 ℃) as well as high pressure (1700 psig).