Aerospace 2015, SiC CMOS, SiGe

Ozark IC’s work in design and qualification of silicon carbide technology was featured at the 2015 Aerospace Conference.
Francis, A. M., Moudy, T., Holmes, J. A., Rahman, A., Barlow, M., Ahmed, S., & Mantooth, A. (2015).
Towards standard component parts in silicon carbide CMOS.
In 2015 IEEE Aerospace Conference (pp. 1–9).
Dr. Alan Mantooth, of the University of Arkansas also presented a paper on SiC analog/mixed-signal designs done by student Ashfaq Rahman as further part of our SiC collaborations
Rahman, A., Shepherd, P. D., Bhuyan, S. A., Ahmed, S., Akula, S. K., Caley, L.,Francis, A.M. Holmes, J. A. (2015).
A family of CMOS analog and mixed signal circuits in SiC for high temperature electronics. In Aerospace Conference, 2015 IEEE (pp. 1–10). IEEE.
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Finally student Ben Sissons presented his work with the U of A and Ozark IC in the design of SiGe circuits for cryogenic operation for NASA
Sissons, B., Mantooth, A., Di, J., Holmes, J. A., & Francis, A. M. (2015). SiGe BiCMOS comparator for extreme environment applications.
In 2015 IEEE Aerospace Conference (pp. 1–8).