Ozark IC Selected for NASA Phase I award for High Fidelity Analog Integration


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FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS July 2020 - The objective for this project is an all JFET-R based analog to digital converter with supporting passive components in a single integrated package.

NASA has demonstrated a resolve to land instruments on the corrosive, high-pressure (~100 bar), high-temperature (470°C) surface of Venus. NASA Glenn Research Center’s JFET-R technology is the only one that has shown 1000’s of hours operation under Venus surface conditions. Due to the extreme environment found on the surface of Venus, access to reliable passive components such as resistors and capacitors to accompany JFET-R chipsets are minimal to not available. Furthermore, this has restricted design exploration into mixed signal application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) due to their need for off chip passive components. Ozark IC has identified additive manufacturing capabilities that would enable custom tunable resistors to accompany JFET-R analog to digital converters.

The project will utilize additive manufacturing techniques to create high-temperature single layer printed resistors in several different conductors. Furthermore, high-temperatures capacitors will be integrated onto the same substrate as the printed resistors. This, in combination with NASA’s JFET-R technology will create a design technology which will be used to develop an analog to digital sensor node. These advancements in passive component integration should allow a library of mixed signal designs to be utilized. Once resistor materials have been selected, resistor test structures will be printed in all pastes. These designs will be evaluated at probe to 400˚C as well as long term reliability testing at 500˚C.

Any application that needs a very high temperature system integration, such as high temperature data processing or actuation is a potential market. Examples include geothermal resource exploration to improve drilling efficiency, jet engine sensing and actuation for distributed engine controls, and avionics for high temperature sensing and actuation in hypersonic aircraft.

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