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Ozark IC is your provider for rugged system solutions for all environments; from consumer grade to extreme duty.

We can start from an idea, a netlist, or even a napkin. Ozark IC looks at your problem, schedule, and budget and determines the best solution. Check out our Services for more information.

Ozark IC UV-100 Smart Node at work on the International Space Station


Aerospace 2015, SiC CMOS, SiGe

Ozark IC's work in design and qualification of silicon carbide technology was featured at the 2015 Aerospace Conference.

Francis, A. M., Moudy, T., Holmes, J. A., Rahman, A., Barlow,
Complex High-Temperature CMOS Silicon Carbide Digital Circuit Designs

A publication on the design and test of asynchronous silicon-carbide integrated circuits, led by U of A student Nathan Kuhns (student of Prof. Di)
High-Temperature Voltage and Current References in Silicon Carbide CMOS

A great paper led by Ashfaq Rahman, PhD, U of A 2015 graduate of Prof. Mantooth's, on design of voltage and current references in Silicon Carbide.

An ntegrated SiC CMOS Gate Driver

A great article on the state of the art in silicon-carbide integrated circuit design for power electronics, presented by Prof. Mantooth's U of A student (and now Ozark IC Engineer)
A Design Kit for High Temperature ASIC and LTCC Co-Design
Ozark IC's work in advanced packaging for high-temperature integrated circuits was a feature in the November/December issue of Advancing Microelectronics Magazine
Extended High-Temperature Operation of Silicon Carbide CMOS Circuits for Venus Surface Application

Ozark IC's work in Silicon Carbide CMOS integrated circuits was recently featured in the IMAPS Journal of Microelectronics
High Temperature Data Converters in Silicon Carbide CMOS
Congrats to Ashfaq Rahman (PhD student of Dr. Alan Mantooth), a member of the U of A/Ozark IC design team from the Building Innovation Capacity NSF collaboration