Advanced Packaging

  Advanced packaging: At high temp, the chips only scratch the surface Ozark IC’s design capability doesn’t end at the IC – we co-design chips and substrates for wide temperature operation Ceramic substrates based on LTCC technology for extended operation … Read More

Sensor Technology

Ozark IC’s patented Ultra Violet Sensors can operate up to 500°C, have the highest sensitivity and can be integrated into monolithic IC solutions. Works from -200°C to 500°C Inherently visible- and IR- blind, so no back-side thinning or filtering required … Read More

About Us

About Us Ozark IC was founded in 2011 by Matt Francis and experts in design techniques, modeling and design tools for integrated circuits and systems on chip for extreme environments.  In fact, we helped write the book on it!


What goes into an electronic module? A complete module is composed of Components, a Board (Substrate) and of course application software and programming depending on the system. Putting a system together is driven by your application needs.  The technologies that go into … Read More


Have an application and don’t know where to start? Give us an idea of electrical, temperature, power and cost needs and we can help you identify a solution that will meet your needs. From simulation studies and ASIC specifications to … Read More


Ozark IC is your provider for rugged system solutions for all environments; from consumer grade to extreme duty.  Please browse each section to learn more about our capabilities. Follow us  

Integrated Circuits

Silicon Carbide CMOS Ozark IC utilizes Silicon Carbide CMOS technology to design the most dense, low-power circuits that can operate across a 500°C temperature range. Scalable from gate drivers to microcontrollers Best digital/analog/mixed-signal design expertise Designs from -180°C to 500°C … Read More